Monday, October 16, 2006


Found out some more Italy info.

-We are going to tour a Lamborghini Factory

-We are going to dine w/ royalty in her Palais - some countess who throws parties for other royalty

-touring around to some different vineyards

-taking a class in a local cafe on making pasta and tortellini

November is supposed to be the rainiest month, so hopefully it will be ok.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Week 5 of my weight management class and I have lost 19 pounds so far.

I have been cheating this week though as we had hotels and airlines in all week at work w/ food, and I can't pass up free food.

The lady from Air France was in, and I asked if she was going w/ us to Bologna, and she is. She told me that there will only be 4 of us flying out of LA on Air France. What that means to me is a really good chance of flying in Business Class, since there are only 4 of us and we are flying w/ the Air France representative. No guarantees of course, and I don't want to get too excited, but it sure would beat flying in coach!

I still need to check the weather and start making lists of what I should pack. Need to get that credit card paid down so I have plenty of spending money to get souvenirs, everything else is paid for.

In 1 month I will be in Italy. Soon, they should start coming out w/ trips for next year, don't know how soon I'll sign up for one again. It will have to be one I really want.