Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guess it's time for an update

I am back at work, and it sucks!!! If you read Ry's blog then you know we are going to Utah on Thursday. My mom is retiring - yippee! MORE TIME FOR HER TO BE HERE!

Zuko is a puppy, chewing on stuff and being a puppy. He's adorable. I think Dottie is pissed at us though. He will not leave her alone, EVER!

Rylee goes to school everyday and loves it. Swim lessons are coming to an end as it is cooling down here. After Utah if we can afford it we will sign her up for dance. She didn't want to do soccer anymore.

Still looking for work for Mr. H. It stinks, but at least he gets unemployment.

I have the best friends in the world. Some are far away and suck for moving. I know she is very happy there in Florida and I can't say I blame her. If my Mom lived anywhere but Utah, I'd happily move there too.

THE best friend, to end all best friends just rocks my socks off and I love him. Not just because he always buys me cool shit, just because he rocks in general. I can't post about what he is buying now, so as not to cause controversy like last time, but it's awesome and I can't wait to "touch" it. Seriously, he is the best, he is always there for me, whether I am happy, sad, bitchy or mad. We bicker like crazy at times, but what we have is so awesome it doesn't even matter. He is in Vegas right now, and I hope having a great time. Maybe he'll get a hooker, I mean escort while he is there.

Just to publicly let him know, it's not that I don't appreciate his sappiness, and feel the same way, I just didn't think we should go all sappy on the messages again in case we have to hand them down later on down the road, like we are doing now.

My family rocks too. I love them so much and am so happy and thankful everyday for the lovely little family we have. Nobody thought we would ever last, and at times I have even wondered myself, but we're doing good and it will be 7 years of marriage this November. Man, I'm getting old. Maybe too old to have another baby, but I am still hoping to. Ry talks about the baby dying all the time and it breaks my heart to hear her. She doesn't even really grasp it I know, but almost daily she will tell me she is sad and when I ask her why she says she misses our baby that died.

Oh, I almost forgot. Me and the hubby are going to Hawaii in January. Used mileage for the tickets and am checking into a cruise of the islands. SWEET!!!!!!