Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sick and bored

My and my girl have the creepy crud going on over here. Nasty cough and big time stuffy, plus it feels like someone is squeezing my head in a vice or something. It sucks.

So, anyway, I haven't posted much lately. This isn't much now either, but I am bored. Mr. H is at work and the boy is at his moms, so it is just me and the girl today.

We went to Tucson last weekend to visit w/ my sister in law and her family. We stayed here! My mother in law came w/ us but she stayed at my sister in laws. It was a nice weekend for the most part. :)

My Mommy comes on Wednesday night for a week. We picked up our layaway from Wal-Mart last night, so now I just have to get everything wrapped and under the tree, except for the santa gift.

While Mommy is here, we are going to paint some pottery w/ the kids and do zoo lights. DivaPrincess, I'll send you an email but we were thinking of doing this zoo instead this year. Let me know what you think, it costs 7.00.

So sign up for this blingo thing that I have linked, over there, to your right, above the weather girl, we can all win prizes by doing google searches.

Peace out!