Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun in the sun, Karate and The Ostrich Farm

This last weekend we went to Tucson for a karate tournament.

We had a great weekend but not enough sleep. We finally got to hotel and all checked in after 10pm. We didn't leave until almost 7 after I had to run back into house 3 different times for stuff, then we stopped at McDonalds for dinner. We passed our turn off for hotel and had to turn around. Jerry came over and we hung out until after 2am.

We got up Saturday and walked around hotel looking for water slide and lazy river, had breakfast and then were headed back to room to put our suits on when Rylee got sick and puked on the edge of a gift shop and again in hallway. We had just eaten, it was hot outside and she was running around w/ her brother before hand. We rested in the room for awhile and then went to pool until after 3. We were going to try to get to zoo but when we got there it had just closed at 4. We ate some lunch and went to a comic book store Dave had seen a commercial for. Went back to hotel and I got a little nap and then ordered myself some room service because everybody else had the leftovers from lunch. We rented National Treasure at Ry's insistence and she lasted all of 10 minutes into movie before she fell asleep - we didn't start watching until 11pm.

Sunday morning we got up and went to tournament and Phillip actually showed and on time! It was quick tournament w/ only having the 4 events to go to and not nearly as many kids as the Phoenix one. We even had seating in the bleachers. Ry was getting upset that she wasn't getting any trophies, even though she gets a medal for every event. We all know that girl can punch, as our neighbors broken window can prove, but once she gets up there she just gets too shy or something. She finally did get a trophy, and a 1st place one at that for Fastest Kick. That is the same event she got 3rd place last time. I think we were out of there a little after noon. We went to lunch, showed Phillip the comic book store and headed home. Phillip took Taylor w/ him and we all left. I made Dave stop at Ostrich Farm on the way, and we went on the monster jeep ride and fed the animals. It was a nice 45 minute or so detour.

I'll post pics later, maybe.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kids say the darndest things...

This morning Ry was grouchy, I know what a surprise....

She yelled at me - again another shocker...

I said "I don't know who you think you are young lady!!!" This was being said as she was slamming my bedroom door.

She opens back up my door and says "Oh yeah, You know exactly who I am, I am Rylee !!!"
and slammed my door again.

Can't argue w/ that!!!