Sunday, November 25, 2007


Vegas was fun! Mary was standing over my bed at 630am to get me up and going to Vegas. We got out of here by about 730, but had to turn back after a few miles away to get all my coins that Ry and I had sorted. Turns out I didn't need them as not 1 stinking slot machine takes coins anymore. It sucked!!!

On the way we stopped in Laughlin and won a lovely bracelet. Had a 3.99 breakfast w/ a huge hamsteak and eggs. We were going to get pedicures but the place was too busy. We then headed to Vegas. On the way to our hotel we saw another cheap nail place and pulled in for our pedicures. I got to sit next to a woman that either still is a man or once was a man. Huge muscles, man face and receeding hairline, as well as a giant rock on his/her finger.

We met up w/ Mom and her friends at hotel, hung out in our rooms for a bit and then headed to the strip. Both Mary and I hadn't been in over 10 years, so it was very different. We wandered around and I got a giant Pina Colada on the way back to car around midnight. We were headed back to our hotel. We dropped off two of the ladies and went w/ Mom and 1 of her friends to the casino near our hotel. Gambled for a bit and then had another cheap breakfast. Got to our rooms about 3am and crashed.

Sunday we got up and went to brunch where Mary and I had Bloody Marys and Mimosas - although the Mimosas sucked. The other ladies wanted to shop and we just wanted to get back to the strip. We told Mom we were going to pay for the shuttle to get us to the strip as that is why we came to Vegas. We couldn't drive ourselves as we had a few drinks at breakfast and were planning on drinking the rest of the day. They ended up dropping us off and we roamed the strip for 12 hours. We started at Hooters where we were dropped off, headed to Excalibur, took the tram to Mandalay Bay, did not pay 17 bucks to go to aquarium, off to the Luxor, where we were just in time for Criss Angel!!!!

We were headed to his shop and they had a section roped off and the crowd was just forming. He performed a trick in this fountain....

We had a perfect view of his behind. Mary, not knowing or caring who he was, wasn't paying attention to him but to the others around him and busted his little card trick. We couldn't see the actual trick that was performed in the fountain, we'll have to wait for season 4 for that. Mary saw one of his staff walk behind him to appear to look into fountain behind him, but he was actually handing him the card that the girl had chosen and taking away the rest of the deck to place in yet another crew members back pocket. I didn't care, I still got to see him. I was happy. Then hung out between his shop and production office trying to get better pictures. Got the family some goodies from his shop and headed on our way.

We got Monorail tickets and saw pretty much everything we wanted to see that we hadn't seen the night before. We went to the Stratosphere, but did not pay 15 bucks to go to the top.

We roamed and drank and gambled and drank until about 2am when we called Mom to pick us back up and take us back to hotel. Our hotel was about 17 miles from the strip.

Monday morning I had to get up and have breakfast and take a hotel tour. It was long, but well worth the free room. The car was loaded up and ready to go by the time I was done. We headed out. We were going to go by way of Laughlin again as Mom wanted a bracelet but an hour into trip there was a huge accident and word was that it would take 2-3 hours to clear. We turned around and headed home by way of Hoover Dam instead. We stopped somewhere for lunch near the dam. We got home about 8pm that night.

My Mom has been here all week and goes home Monday. She'll be back in a month for xmas though so it's ok. I got a lot of my shopping done Friday. I had never really done the whole Black Friday thing, and guess I still haven't fully experienced it as nothing was worth me getting up before 5am. I got up at 1130am on Friday and got dressed to get to Mervyns before 1pm. Got my stuff , checked out in Lingerie dept, no waiting and said to myself, that wasn't bad at all, I'm going to try Target. Target also wasn't bad as I had to check out in Electronics dept and also no line. They suckered me into a credit card with them, lord knows that's all I need is a Target card, I love that store. Anyway, it saved me 10% for the whole day, so I got it. Ended up going to 2 more Targets before the day was over. Finally got the game I was looking for at the last Target. So most of my shopping is done for immediate family anyway. Plus I now have that nifty Target card for future purchases.