Friday, August 26, 2005

For my Philly on his birthday

I've known you almost half my life.
We know you once hoped I'd be YOUR wife.

You have hatred for some I call ex,
You really made me laugh by putting the X in SEX.

We've upgraded from Keystone and now drink Miller,
Who ever thought you'd be an accused cat killer!

Most of your family sucks, but mine rocks.
Thanks for always letting Rylee wear your socks.

Your knowledge of movies is really great.
Too bad it hasn't helped you find a date.

With very few, I have shared my Mother,
With you in my life, I never needed a brother.

We've had our good times and our bad,
The fact that we are still friends makes me glad.

So happy birthday, my very dear friend
I know we'll be friends until the end.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My next pet...

Isn't he so cute?

The dog is a 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested and,
unsurprisingly, has won the World's Ugliest Dog contest three times in a row.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

New RV

We picked it up Friday evening. Didn't get to do much cleaning that night as we don't have the right extension cord. The power only stayed for maybe 10 minutes and then kept popping the breaker.

We cleaned a little bit more, Saturday, then some friends came over and we were going to go a little north to the outlet malls. Ended up having to go to Chandler instead as friends were pet sitting and got an urgent call from the pet owners to go check on the pets. Since we were on that side of town we went on to IKEA to get some stuff. Got some sheets for the 2 beds, very neutral until I decide what colors and fabrics to do inside. So, we still got to drive it around, and hang w/ our friends. Good times!

So, after Ry went to bed last night, we started the generator up so we could vacuum and get the new sheets up and I could scrub the bathroom. Not even 2 minutes after we started it, the old bag next door was outside and we could hear her talking. It is not that loud and it was only 9:00. So we had it going for about 10 minutes, we were inside cleaning and our friend was outside smoking. He pops his head in and tells us that she is saying exhaust fumes from the generator are getting in her living room. Shut your fucking window. It is not like she doesn't live one house (our house) away from a major street in Phoenix. God, I just wish they'd move. She sucks.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Our new RV

Image hosted by

Not the prettiest. Mr. H gets to paint the outside, I am sure there will be flames involved. The inside is in good condition for being about 30 years old. It's 70's ugly but still in good shape. Mr. H gets to redo the outside and I get the inside.

We'll pick it up Saturday and go camping as soon as he gets a weekend off, and we have both kids!

.......and Movieman is a loser!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Life is shitty - and I mean that literally

We have had a string of shitty things going on over here.

  • A few weeks ago, Mr. H's truck "pops out of gear" while he is in Circle K, rolls back into the street and gets hit by some big ass work truck. Still waiting to hear from the insurance on that one and how much our rates will be going up.
  • We lost a tree in the 1st big storm and still it sits in the front yard waiting to be cut. Our chainsaw doesn't work and at this rate, I am going to have to go rent one myself and cut it.
  • Same truck doesn't pass emissions and is now late getting registered - hopefully he doesn't get pulled over.
  • The van brakes are so bad, I am afraid to drive after driving to the banks yesterday after work. Mr. H needs to work on them tonight. In the meantime I am stuck at home w/ both kids and only half a soda. It's gonna get UGLY.
  • Night before last, our plumbing went to shit, we had shit water in our tub and it wouldn't go anywhere. Figured I'd just have to shower in the other tub yesterday for work. No such luck, it was full of water by the time I got up. Had to bathe in the kitchen sink and that was no fun. Some $500.00 later, and that was a great deal BTW, luckily we have plumbing connections.

Now for the good stuff.

  • Yesterday at work, one of my co workers said he had a 50.00 Gap gift card he never used. I jokingly said "You should give that to me then and I can get my daughter some cute clothes" Next thing I know it comes sailing over my cubicle wall and he goes "here you go, I'm never gonna use it" He is my new best friend.
  • We are currently looking at some RV's to purchase, nothing fancy, but no more tent life for me. We have a really good prospect right now, but 2 more to look at once the brakes get fixed so we can actually drive out to Mesa and Queen Creek to check them out. This is all courtesy of Mommy of course. Yes, I am spoiled and no she can't adopt you. She's all mine and I am not sharing!