Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is a funny website. I think I have only seen 1 Chuck Norris movie in my life, but he was pretty bad ass in it.

Tomorrow we go to get our eyes sliced and diced. HA HA. Been hearing so many things, all wonderful, except for the smell of your burning eyes from the laser, and the fact that I may or may not get my valium before surgery. I don't care about after the fact, I can sleep anytime. I want the drugs before, as I am terrified.

Here is a before pic of Phillip and I taken wednesday night w/ our glasses, by this time tomorrow we will be eyeglass free. I will post after pics once I am able to see, unless of course I go blind in which case I will not be posting anymore.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yeah, so I am only 20 days late on this post. I'm a busy girl, w/ all my napping, and tv show watching. I just downloaded the New Years pics today. Here we all are ringing in the New Year - unfortunately Phillip had to work that night as usual.

It was a very quiet, uneventful night, the kids had a great time.

As you should know by reading Phillips novel on his blog we are going together on Friday to get Lasik eye surgery. We are terrified but very excited to see w/o our glasses/contacts. Mr. H took the day off to take us both and he will probably go watch a movie while we are getting it done. Although the surgery is only about 7 minutes, they'll be rechecking our eyes again w/ the fancy expensive computer to make sure all the readings or whatever stuff is good to go, so the whole thing will take a few hours. I think we were there for about 4 hours just for our initial consultation. I am so excited Phillip was able to get credit to get it done. He is so ugly in his glasses! KIDDING! I just had to throw that in there for his viewing pleasure.

Soccer was cancelled today due to the weather, which is good since Ry is sick anyway. Double good since it was our turn for snacks and Mr. H was going to have to run snacks/drinks there anyway even though Ry wasn't going to play.

We are working on getting the house refinanced right now and it isn't fun. Hoping to combine our 1st and 2nd mortgage w/1 lower payment and still get some cash out now for newer vehicles for both of us, oh and to pay Phillip back all the money I owe him. I think I'll tell him my Mom died and I need the money for a ticket, that's the story he told his cousin, and he didn't have to pay her back. Sorry man, couldn't help myself. :)

That's about it for now. War is coming up in less than a month and the guys are supposed to get together today and do some man sewing for Baron Von Stupid Pants, but he must be too busy SABOD right now, as they aren't here yet.

I think I'll go nap now.