Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things we have in common

I told one of my best friends we had grown apart and didn't have anything in common anymore. Here is a list of things she came up with, in her own words. They are quite amusing to me so I thought I would share....

  • We think skin heads are attractive
  • I like native americans your married to one
  • We both like trading spaces (granted with no tv I dont get to see trading spaces)
  • and mexican food
  • and ice cream
  • We like Tetris and Phillip

So then, I tell her I actually don't watch Trading Spaces anymore it is sucky and she responds with "oh well, then see we have more in common then"

So going along this same line of thinking, I have come up w/ some more......

  • She is a NUT and I like peanuts. I also like cashews.
  • She is fruity, and I like fruit
  • She has 2 feet, and so do I
  • We both have opposable thumbs
  • We both live in states that end w/ the letter 'A'
  • I have a house w/ a pool, she would like to have a house w/ a pool
  • We both have dogs
  • We both like to sleep and eat
  • We both have kids and enjoy them


MOVIEMAN said...

You both know a possible serial cat killer.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

So are you going to stay friends with her?

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...
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