Saturday, January 21, 2006


The title of this blog. Was in reference to "Operation U People Suck" that my Mother was supposed to start well over a year ago on her husbands kids.

4 out of 5 of them are total assholes, and are the main reason I don't ever visit her, she always comes here. I must admit, they come by it honestly, they act like their Dad, but when he wants to he can actually be fun to be around, not so much the case with them.

So "Operation U People Suck" came up about a year or so ago, when my Mom was asking what it would take to get me to go visit. I told her she had to go a whole weekend, with his kids in and out of the house, as they are always there - hence why I won't visit - Anyway, I told her to go a whole weekend totally ignoring them, not even speaking to them if spoken to, just treating them as if they don't exist and that she couldn't tell anyone why. Those that know my Mother, know this is totally against her character and would be very hard for her to do. Which is why it still hasn't been done. I told her to just ask her husband for lessons, as this is how he has treated me in the past. Didn't speak one word to me for over 2 months, because I told him to shut up once when he was insulting.

This is for one of 2 reasons.

1 - his kids just suck and when I have visited in the past, I spent most of the time when we were at her house in the guest room, as one or more of his kids is always around and in the 8 years my Mother has been married, I haven't exchanged more than 10 words w/ 3 of them. They just act as though I don't exist, and after living in the house for a short time while I lived in Utah, I returned the sentiment. Other than the screaming match through my bedroom door w/ the oldest one day.

2- I wanted her to show her husband what it is like to treat his kids as crappy as he has treated me, and still does on occasion. She has never been anything but nice to these shitheads and they do not even deserve to be graced w/ her presence.

Yet, they get all the benefits of my Mother on a daily basis, and I get visited 4 times a year. She should be here, watching her grandchildren grow up, not there watching his. Of course, that will never happen, as he will never leave his kids, he just expects her to not be close to hers.

I know I am an adult now, w/ my own family, and I should get over it, but I can't.

Now she wants me to come there for Mothers Day weekend, instead of her coming here. It sucks, because now my Grandma, who of course wants to make her daughter happy, is saying she will buy our tickets for me and Ry to go there as that was my excuse not to go, beyond all the other crap. I have tried other ideas, like we all meet in San Francisco and stay in really nice hotels for free, but they aren't going for it. Of course, I could just say no, but I don't want to disappoint my Mom either.

Supposedly, she has already told her husband in the past I will only come visit if his kids stay away while I am there, and he has agreed to it. I do kind of want to test this and see if they will stick by it. Plus it would just piss his kids off too.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I can totally see the dilemma. I would say go, if they do not come over then maybe after 8 years the man has gotten it in his head that you are just as important as his kids, even more so in your mom's life. It is mother's day and she is NOT their mother, so they do not HAVE to be there. Just my opinion. If they do come over well that will uck but you will be forever off the hook for going there and will be able to say your favorite line "I told you so". I am sory it is such a crappy situation for you. I hope my kids never feel like that about coming to my place when they are older, but since Todd has no kids that should not be a problem. i love you!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

By the way what are you guys up to this weekend? I have the kids but was thinking we could come hang out and BBQ or something if you guys are not busy.

Dakini said...

I'm sorry Kris, I know how much your mom means to you...How long did I live with you and your mom?

I love your mom too so much.

Man, sigh....

Matty just asked me what's wrong and he's not even looking at me, man i must be shoving out the I'm sad for you vibes.

So I just told Matty the entire story.

He thinks it sucks. He says he understands how you feel.

I know how you feel too, except my dad he wasn't there like your mom has been all of your life. I mean as far as the part about her being there around his kids and his kids having children that she watches grow up. I FEEl the same way about my dad. I said my dad hasn't been there like your mom, so it's different.

I think she and what's his name should move to Arizona to be close to you. If he truly cared for and loved her why wouldn't he move for her?

I'm biased though.

MOVIEMAN said...

Well, in a way he does still have his kids that he wants to be close to. Although, I'm don't think that they are as close as you and your mommy. I love her so. The situation does suck. Maybe with Sally being there things will different.