Thursday, February 09, 2006

So Sirius....

My best friend Phillip ROCKS!!!!! It was so nice to listen to Howard again this morning, even for my short drive into work, and then tonight after the gym, I'll be able to listen to him again. Or the 80's station, or maybe Trucker Talk, so much to choose from.

It is too bad I ruined the surprise really. It would have been nice to go out to my car unexpectedly and see it there. Of course, Phillip being in the van when I woke up, gave some of it away. Then when he told me he couldn't bring my gift inside, I knew. He is so crazy like that.

I already have 1 song programmed in. At anytime, it can find this song on any station and let me listen to it. It's The Dead Kennedys. I love it.

I was going to go out my lunch break and play w/ it and get it mounted to my dash, but I wanted to write this instead. We can always work on it tonight once the kids are in bed.

Not having to listen to "FREE RADIO" anymore is going to be awesome. Not only did the morning show w/ Adam Corolla, that replaced Howard SUCK, but the crap they were playing at night sucked too. All this crap advertising for "FREE RADIO" was really annoying.

Technically, I still have "FREE RADIO" as I am paid up for a year. At first, I did think it was silly to pay for radio, but it's so much better now that I have it.

So, thank you again my wonderful friend. You are the greatest and I love you.


Dakini said...

awe :D

MOVIEMAN said...

I'm glad that you enjoy it. I was hoping that you would.

Like I said I don't even listen to regular radio anymore. When I'm at work working late I enjoy going through all the stations. There is a station with old radio dramas on it that Chip's Ex, Stephanie and I like. You might like it, but you have to listen to it for about 30 minutes to hear the whole story. I think that Satellite IS, what radio used to be before Television. Anyway I am so glad that you liked it. It makes me happy. Thank you for being a good friend.

Vashinaz said... do rock. Can't wait for you to move in so I can get my radio....JK

I scraped you ceiling today....It looks good.