Sunday, July 16, 2006


So my Mommy went home again. We had a great time while she was here. Not too many arguments. She took the kids computer home for her husband to fix as it is so slow and crappy.

She got us memberships to the Phoenix Zoo and the Arizona Science center. We went to the Science Center the Saturday before she left and had a great time. We did the planetarium and the Imax movie about the coral reef. There is a zoo update on Rysters blog already.

Going back to work really sucks after having 10 days off. Especially knowing I don't have much more time to take off for the rest of the year. I have Ry's first day of pre-school, Thanksgiving day, and then about 1 week and 1/2 at xmas. I can't really complain as I do get a ridiculous amount of vacation time every year. Plus it is my 10th year this year, so I got an extra week. Plus, I buy a week every year, so I got like 6 1/2 weeks vacation - I just can't believe it's mostly gone already. I suck!

I got a really cool DVD recorder to record all my pics and home movies to DVD. I had started wanting a new camcorder that records onto DVD's, then we found this that will allow me to record my movies already on VHS, like my wedding and Ry's birth onto DVD, so I went w/ that instead. Of course, it isn't as easy as they say and all I have figured out how to do is pics to DVD, but I am still working on it. My next purchase will be a new digital camera.

Going to Curves and really loving it. Had to go by myself last week as Diva wasn't feeling well, and I only got to go twice instead of the usual 3, because this other location that said they were open late enough for me to go SUCKS and they were rude and I won't go there EVER even if they were open 24/7.

So, Taylor went to Pump it Up yesterday for his other little sisters birthday party. Silly boy thought it would be wise to listen to the dumbass teenagers who worked there and told him it was ok to 'surf' down the big slides. Came home w/ his foot twice the size of normal and is currently at Urgent Care w/ Dad to make sure it isn't fractured.

That's really all for now, I think I will take Ry swimming and then take a nap!

***EDIT - Update*** The foot is fractured. Just a very small fracture, Urgent Care wrapped it and sent him home w/ crutches. Now we just have to hope his Mother really takes him this week to follow up w/ doc.


MOVIEMAN said...

That sucks about your vacation time. NOT! That is too bad about Taylor. He'll be alright. Thanks for the update.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Well I know we have already talked about everything on here LOL i did need to find out who your chiropractor is so I can make appointments for the Baron and myself. I love ya!

Dakini said...

I liked thee update :D You were makig me remember your last visit to Nola. Damn I miss you! I hope I get to see you sometime soon! I love you.

Sorry about Taylor....darn teenager's.