Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday, Monday

Hey butt cheeks what's up? Nothing much here. Had the oh so fun birthday party for my nephew on Saturday. Never again!

Today, Rylee and I were supposed to go to The Little Gym for a trial class, but she actually slept past 8am, and I didn't set an alarm, since she hasn't been sleeping past 8am. She woke up at 930, so we missed the class.

We watched Willy Wonka in my bed. Ok, she watched, I napped.

We went to lunch w/ Uncle Philip at Mimi's, and now it is nap time for her.

I go to chiro today, then Curves, then home to hang w/ Mary and Phillip if he gets up before he goes to work.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

hey how did things go with the letter? It was great seeing you this weeknd, while the party was oh so not fun after the party was. Let me know if you still want to bowl or something with th kids this weekend. I love ya!

MOVIEMAN said...

I don't remember if I came over or not.