Monday, April 09, 2007

Same old, same old

Hate my job, but I interviewed for a new job today. I hate interviews, but I think it went ok. It was only the first interview, they'll pass onto the hiring manager w/ thier feedback and I may get called back for a 2nd interview. Won't probably know for a couple weeks, which would actually be great, because then my current job won't take my Scotland trip away.

I leave for Scotland on the 22nd. Very exciting. I get to try Falconry while I am there. I don't know anything else about the trip yet.

We had a mostly nice Easter gathering here. The usual fighting between Mr. H and his sister. Diva wasn't feeling well, which sucked, but she did not ruin Easter!!!!

Diva and family were the first to depart and then Mr. H told his sister to go home too. We chatted w/ my mother in law until about midnight, then watched Sopranos w/ Movieman. I then tried to stay awake long enough to watch Entourage w/ Movieman, but failed miserably. It must have been all those wine coolers The Baron made me drink so he wasn't drinking alone.

Mr. H is on his 2nd week of unemployment, but I am not stressing yet. He's still getting paid for a few weeks. Last week was his slack off week and tomorow he will go get set up w/ Manpower. They have temp jobs as well as full time permanent jobs.

Oh we got to go on a date last Friday - thanks again to Diva and family for watching the Ryster so we could go out to eat. It was nice!

That's all I have, love you!


MOVIEMAN said...

Waited sooooo long for Entourage and then fell asleep in the first 2 minutes. Fucking Baron. Anyways thank you for the Easter it was fun. I love you.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I had a great Easter because I was with my family that includes you and yours of course! I love you so much and I am so going to miss you. It is really hitting me that I will not be able to come hang out with you whenever I want. Oh well let me know what you guys are up to this weekend maybe we can do something. Love you!

Dakini said...

Scotland oh man that has been one of my dreams for sooooo long, since dude, I guess 97. Wow I'm happy and jealous for you. I just finished reading Divas messege at myspace about doctors and such.

I want to reply to her, but I'm tired so I 'm going to do that tomorrow.

Anyway dude, I miss you so much! I love you!!!