Thursday, October 25, 2007

4 Generations

Here is a photo of Ry, me, my Dad and Grandma Eunice from when we were in Utah last month.

I am off work tomorrow to go on Ry's first fieldtrip to check out the hot firemen.

Nothing real exciting going on here. We'll see my Mom this weekend and for Halloween. I tried to talk her into staying for a bit, but she has some plans coming up back home. I am meeting her in Vegas the 2nd weekend in November. Mary and I are driving there and will meet up w/ her and her friends that are driving there. She will then drive home w/ us and stay for Thanksgiving. It's wonderful. can't wait to drink and gamble and see my Mom. We'll be staying here.

That about sums up November. Oh except, I'm missing Divas baby shower because she had to move to Florida!!! :) I won't see my newest 'nephew' until possibly April. I am sure I'll get picture updates almost everyday, but still.....


Dakini said...

Sounds great! I wish I could be in Vegas with all you guys :) Have fun! And you look great!!!

Love you!

MOVIEMAN said...

WOW! You can't take me to the Bellagio because you haven't taken David there yet. What about this nice place where you are going. David and I are very upset.


Have a great time.
There I commented are you fucking happy now?