Sunday, December 16, 2007


I just keep telling myself the heartburn and nausea are a good thing.

Anyway, nothing much here. Christmas is almost here - yay!!!! I am mostly done except for Ginger, who Dave drew for and my Mother in law. I already got her her gift from me for the name exchange but we, our family, will still be getting her more. Now to just wrap everything. Or wait until my Mom gets here on Thursday, then she can wrap it all. :)

Mr. H is off tomorrow and our fun filled day will be cleaning out the office. We're getting a daybed to go in here for Mommy when she is visiting. So we have to clear it all out and get rid of this pee soaked (thanks Dottie) carpet that is in here. I want to pick up bed tomorrow and have room all ready for when she arrives Thursday night. We also have Taylors winter band concert tomorrow night and then Ry's xmas program is on Wednesday.

I am getting off work a few hours early Tuesday and Thursday. I am only working a few hours Wednesday and I am off all day Friday. I am then off all of xmas week as well. Man it is going to suck when business picks up again and I am forced to work a full 9 hour day. I really need to put in to work less, permanently now that Mr. H is back to work and since they are allowing so much time off these days anyway. Then come September I'll have to change my hours to come in earlier, to work better w/ Ry who will be in kindergarten. Can't even believe it!!!!!!

That's about it!


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I wish we were there to help clean it out! Todd would be all over that LOL Anyways remember to be careful how much time you take off, you need to rebuild for FMLA when the new baby comes :-) Ok so I probably will not be out there in April, but have gotten the green light from work for your birthday weekend if you would like Lex and I to come play! I love you and your whole family! Sorry I did not get back to you again yesterday, my mommy came over for dinner :-)