Sunday, January 27, 2008


Just thought it was time to update some blogs.

Nothing really new and exciting to report. Getting fat. LOL.

Did my income taxes and e-filed yesterday, now just to figure out what to do w/ the refunds!

New Refrigerator? Better truck for Mr. H? Trip to Hawaii for just the two of us? Trip for the whole family somewhere? Pay on some Credit cards?

Well we have tentatively decided to get a new fridge and take ourselves to Hawaii, but not necessarily go on the cruise. Then again, I can think right now I'll be ok leaving a 2 month old baby home w/ Grama, but when it actually gets here, we don't really see that happening.

Mr. H job is going well, my job is still wonderful in the fact that it is still slow, so I work as little as possible. Unfortunately they won't let me just reduce my hours more on a permanent basis at this time. Which I think is lame since they are giving all this time away anyway.

Just planning Ry's 5th birthday party. I think it is going to be at Enchanted Island but I haven't confirmed yet. Doesn't look like Disneyland is going to happen this year for her birthday time like it has been. It stinks, but Mom and I decided we will just do something fun everyday that week after Ry gets out of school. Of course, this is going to come back and bite me in the ass later on in life when my adult daughter still wants a birthday week. Oh well, like mother like daughter!


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I wish I could come for her birthday! Hey I do day birthday weekends for the kids, so all of our kids can just go to therapy together when it ends as adults LOL I miss you so much and wish I could watch your belly grow.You could always come to FL for your anniverary, bring the baby and also be able to celebrate Lex's 1st birthday since it is the day before your anniversary! Ok it is a thought LOL Love you give the Ryster a hug and kiss, a hug to Tay lor and a kick to Mr H!

MOVIEMAN said...

spoiled is right but how can u not. Love u guys.