Friday, October 10, 2008


My Mommy comes into town tonight for Ry's fall break. We were supposed to go to Cali. for the week but just can't afford it. We'll just have to have fun here.

Going out for sushi tonight - YEAH!!!!!! I haven't had sushi in so long. Shouldn't spend the money, but I really want some sushi. After sushi we'll come get the kids (Grandma L. watching while we go out) and go pick up Mom at 1030.

I started back at curves this week. I go back to work in a month. YUCK!!!

Hey, so it is only Oct. 10 and I finally put the last of my xmas decor away. LOL - if I didn't have halloween/thanksgiving stuff to put on those shelves I wouldn't have even bothered w/ xmas being so close.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

You frikking kill me ROFLMAO about the Christmas stuff. Tell your mommy hi and I love her. Sushi is YUCKY so no you should not spend the money on it, go get some good chinese like we did LOL My dad and step-mom will be at my house Thir-Sun next week :-) Oh and Kenny is going to being an alter boy his first time not this weekend but next!!! I love you and miss you so much. My one friend here told me that I am not allowed to even think of leaving, but you know being my BFF you trump all! Please give a hug to Taylor, kisses to Ry and Ramsie and a big huge punch in the arm to Mr H. Oh and a hug and a kiss on the cheek for Gramma Jan!

Dakini said...

I LOVE SUSHI!! But you know that already. I'm so jealous, I want to eat some too!!! :D

Sounds good about the Curves.

Christmas decorations?! LOL

Love you!

MOVIEMAN said...

Sorry I didn't comment on this, but I remember that I read it. So I love you and am sorry.