Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nothing much

I haven't written anything in ages... (Don't we clean up real purty?)

Nothing much to report.

I am glad my friend and her family are out of New Orleans and safe and sound and reunited w/ sweet puppy dog Guiness in Ohio.

I am glad Movieman is such a dork and we always have fun.

I am glad my husband is such a great Dad.

I love my kids.

I miss my Mom, and wish she lived here.

I miss my Father in Law - alot- all the time, and wish he could have at least met my daughter.

I can't wait til Wednesday - One Tree Hill starts a new season.


MOVIEMAN said...

I'm a dork? The biggest thing in your life right now is One Tree Hill. I'm glad that life is sweet. Best time ever.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

That was nice and I am glad to here Brig and her family are ok. Even though I think she is a weird one I would never wish bad on anyone like what happened down there. Wish me luck gonna try and quit smoking again. Can't afford it, plus when I work out i am feeling out of breath LOL like two minuted in now 60 minutes. Love ya.

Dakini said...

to the diva princess.....hey Im the weird one???? You were going to break my arms off if I hurt Cory...Look at how WEIRD he turned out to be....and all I ever did was love him unconditionally.

Anyway, I think you would like me if you ot to know me. Maybe perhaps someday you will.:P

For now, I must go off to bed.

If you want to know our stories just check our blogs...

Life is so very important. And there is only time to love and make new friends and meet new souls. don't ya think?

Dakini said...

dang I tried to get our blogs to work as links but wasn't happening. so that was my first delete. Oh well. Any way......I miss you Phillip!!!!!!!!! Just anted to tell you that since you check here often. I miss you very very much!

Mrs. H said...

Moviemans link should have worked and I just fixed yours now so it should work too.

Peace, love and happiness to all!