Monday, November 14, 2005

Laundry Day

Some things I discovered today while doing laundry..........

  1. My f'in dog Dottie will not piss on tile, only carpet or clothing. Nice to step in while sorting laundry in the laundry room.
  2. My son is a goof ball. He keeps putting this one zip off pants leg in the laundry. Just one leg, not 2 legs and not the rest of the pants. Tonight I finally asked why. He says he doesn't know where the rest of the pants are and didn't know what else to do w/ the lone leg, so he just keeps putting it in the dirty clothes. BOYS!!!
  3. I no longer care if the towels are folded the right way (MY WAY) just as long as I don't have to fold them.

Pretty boring post huh? I am trying to outbore Movieman


MOVIEMAN said...

Very hard to out bore me. You came close. Just kidding. Love ya.

Dakini said...

huh well, that pissing stuff sucks. At least it's dog piss. Our cat is so fat he misses the litter box when he pisses. SO in the back corner of the house by the garage door it smells like cat piss.

Matty bought a regular litter box instead of a covered one...buuuuuut at the time I wasn't going to nag. Now I wish i did. :( We are going to have to seal the floor in that area, but I dunno where the sealer is. :(


That's funny about Taylor, I could see that all play out in my mind. You in the laundry room like wtf?! And him later telling you why. :P

You know, just looking at the clothes in our room..:( We only bout two sets of hangers when Matty had his job. Not enough hangers at all....I'm just really glad our cat doesn't pee on them, that would suck.

K---I'm not awake yet, drinking my coffee.
While Matty is teaching Willow how to count these monkeyes...that little learning game on the computer. She is looking at the puter but pretending like she doesn't know how to count. :/ I wish we had a digital camera so I could take a picture.

anyway...blah I need to wake up

I miss you too,