Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Nothing much going on. Movieman came over, as usual, and after Mr. H got home from work, Movieman and I went to Robs to check out the new digs. The place still has to be decontaminated, but will be great once it's done. Plus, now Movieman will only be a mile away, so as he pointed out tonight he will not have an excuse to be late anymore.

Rob is going to be so much happier now, w/o the crummy roommate situation. Mei will be here soon and they will be married. I may have mentioned this before, but I CAN"T WAIT!!!!! I am so happy for the both of them, and she is the sweetest lady!

I should be in bed. I was so friggin' tired today, I talked myself right out of going to the gym after work. I will go Thursday. Hopefully, the sickness will be gone from DivaPrincess' house and she can meet up with me.

Nighty, night friends~


MOVIEMAN said...

Yes I can't wait to meet her either. I'm sure that the place will look good when Rob is done with it. I shouldn't have opened my mouth about being so close now. You gave into the dark side and didn't go to work out.

Oh well, you've been doing alot better than I thought you would.

Vashinaz said...

Thank you for coming over guys. That makes it what your 3rd time at my house...Baby steps...yes baby steps...

Mei is so nice! I just love her! I am so lucky! And I think it just so cool how well all of you guys are taking to her! It's great! She really likes all of you. See...she is perfect for me!
Tonight I got Phillips paint for his room for $5 and grey primer...It looks like a good color...Like cornflower blue...Uh what movie is that from Phillip? He He...

Have a great evening!

Love Rob.

Dakini said...

Fight Club?

I know it was for Phillip to guess, but dang, I couldn't resist. :P

Ummm .. Man iforget what I was going to write after reading replies.

Oh well nine months of pregnancy will do that to you.

Love you all, that's it for now.