Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend update

Friday night - Mr. H had a friend over when I got home. They ran to Frys Electronics for some cable for something or other. We all had leftover spaghetti for dinner. Mr H then consented to watch 'Under the Tuscan Sun' w/ me. Ok movie.

Saturday - Mr. H's day to sleep in. I was up by 830 w/ the Ryster. We played and watched TV, finally at noon I decided he had slept enough and we needed to run to Sams Club for our afternoon bbq. We took showers and headed to Sams, did our shopping, came home. Diva and family came over as well as some other friends of Mr. H and their 2 boys. I was just in a foul mood most of the day and then got a headache on top of it. Rob joined us much later after all the swimming was done.

The lack of communication between those two is a crack up. Mr. H told me at Sams that Rob wouldn't be over for a few hours, Rob's version is that Mr. H was supposed to call him back, and never did. When I mentioned to Rob that Mr. H had said he wouldn't be over for a few hours, he said no, that he would be out doing errands for a few hours. The difference? I haven't figured it out. Just glad he made it over and I was able to pick on him. I love you man!

Everybody left about 800 and we ran to Target to get Mr. H a MP3 player so he can have music at work. He also got a nice new watch, but the band is way too big. Got Ry some new 'dancing' shoes and some cute jeans, and me nothing. Came home put Ry to bed, he played w/ his MP3 and I watched 'In Her Shoes' Different than what I thought it would be.

Sunday - my day to sleep in. That lasted til about 1030 w/ only 2 or 3 interruptions for Ry. I don't know why Daddy can sleep all he wants and not get disturbed, but I have to get popped in on every so often. I can't really complain, as most of the times she came running in - "mommy, mommy, I need a hug." Who can refuse?

Total lazy day. I had a work picnic to go to, but after my also very interrupted nap, I said forget it and we stayed home. There goes 14 bucks, but I don't care. Mr> H ran to the store to get us some steak and came home and grilled them for us. Yummy. We then watched some movie I had never heard of, 'A Sound of Thunder' better than I figured it would be.

Now everyone is in bed except for me. I blogged and will now catch up on some shows I didn't watch yet and continue doing laundry.

Good night!


MOVIEMAN said...

Sounds like you had a nice family weekend. That is so cool. It is too bad that you were not feeling good. You can sleep as much as you want. It was just funny hearing, "I was interrupted on my nap." It's like, "Complaining to a guy with no feet about how sore your feet are from walking around alot." Not that I don't get enough sleep, but it just sounded funny. Sorry. Naps are cool. I love you.