Sunday, April 30, 2006

My weekend

-Drunken bowling was fun. Not nearly as much fun as when we went last time, but still fun.

-Wiggles was fun, by fun I mean it doesn't matter if I was bored out of my mind, which I wasn't, as long as the kids had fun.

-Tomorrow we are meeting friends at the park to feed the ducks and play. Then we will go get that cell phone and eat lunch and take naps. I am hoping for the nap anyway.



MOVIEMAN said...

So you chose the cell phone. Cool. I'll see you later tonight. 24, baby.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey by the way the Baron is going to talk to Mr H, if you guys need help egtting the pool cleaned and ready we are mor then happy to come over and help out. We use it too during the summer so that is only fair we help clean it and get it ready. Love ya!

Dakini said...

I think the cell phone was a good choice, I mean now a days it's great to have. Hell I wish I had one when drunk ass LeeRee came to pick me up from school. You know I woulda called someone else to get me.

Naps sound good, I'm lacking in those lately but that's okay.

have fun cleaning out your pool. :D
It's nice of Diva and Baron to help you.