Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend update

Today we took the Saturn in to have the AC checked, it blows cold, but not cold enough and never truly cools down when it is HOT out. That is done, so it better work great tomorrow. I don't know how it works, because it is still sitting at Saturn, hopefully a gate will be open and Mr. H can pick it up on his way home tonight.

Tonight it is just me and the kids as Daddy is at dorky Anime convention. Tomorrow we are all going to Waterworld thanks to the cheap Season Pass that costs as much as 2 entries into the park. I cannot believe I am taking my fat pregnant ass to a water park, but I know Ry will love it so that is why I am doing it.

Have so much to do around this house to make it more livable. Have laundry piled to my knees (slight exaggeration) but I just don't ever care to do it, until I run out of underwear or something else I need. Have to get the girls room done and quick. We need to prep the ceiling and get painted this next weekend hopefully, so we can get all the other finishing touches done to it during the week when Grama is here sewing everything. Have to fit a baby shower and pedicures in there somewhere too. Must work on my room so the baby even has a place to sleep, although my dresser drawers are empty, I could always stick her in one of those. The playroom is a disaster zone and just looks like a toystore exploded, there isn't even room to play. Need to get that cleared out and toys all sorted, so we can set up a baby area w/ all the baby toys too, not that she'll be in there for awhile, but still. Waiting on new gate to block off the whole playroom to keep the dogs and someday crawling baby out of there.

I can't wait to be off work for 3 months, not that I work a whole lot anyway, but it is going to be so nice to be off for 12 straight weeks and actually get a paycheck for the whole time. I'm not going to know what to do w/ all the money. Oh yeah, pay neglected bills, aw well.

Ok, these are from real camera and taken by the boy so cannot say it is because they were taken by a short person, MY BELLY IS HUGE!!!!!! Just you wait, you'll see soon enough.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Okay ya your belly is huge. You know I will help while I am there. Kind of nice we have my boys too, as they can keep Ry and Lex entertained. I will help clean and do laundry (oh sounds like such a fun vacation huh?) LOL DO NOT STRESS!!!!! What you need to do is get in that toy room and throw away half the crap. Seriously if a game is missing a piece, bye-bye, if Ry hasn't played with it in awhile, bye-bye. I had to do that before and makes such a difference. Ok this is totally lazy and costs some money, but there are places you can bring all your laundry to and they will wash, dry and foled it. You just need to make sure it actually gets put away. Ry can help with the toy room, she is big enough. Taylor can do his own laundry etc etc Mr H can help with the bedroom. Youjust need to downsize your crap you do not use! i know I know you are a pack rat, but with 2 adults, a tenn, a kid, a baby and 3 dogs ummm something has to give or you will lose it. Well that was totally tough love from me I guess. Have some lawn size garbage bags ready. I will take care of the crap! LOL I love you and cannot wait to see you!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

PS- DO NOT MAKE ME SEND THE BARON- oh you may wish that as then you know the yard would look great!

Dakini said...

I agree with Steph! Too bad you don't have the time, because it does take lots of time but you could e-bay tons of the stuff you have! I sold some barbies and made 200 dollars off of them!

If not totally give your stuff to the thrift stores, to be honest that's where I shop!

I wish i could get there sooner than October because you know me, what did you used to call me "witch hazel" you know I am an organization and clean freak! If I could get there when Steph was there it would be awesome because it would be killing two birds with one stone. I'd get to meet Steph plus it would be double team on getting all of that stuff taken care of!

I LOVE your belly by the way, that's exactly how I looked when pregnant with Elish! I've always wanted to just grow in the belly area, but that's just not in the cards for me when pregnant! I've heard that it's good for the baby though, more nutrition for babe. Anyway, I gotta go fix some pancakes for the family! I love love love YOU!

MOVIEMAN said...

Wow all these huge comments I forgot what the blog was about. I think you are pregnant and fat. LOL! Kidding of course.

Hopefully your AC got fixed and all is well. I love and miss you. I can help if you need it. I will try to get over there someday.