Friday, August 22, 2008

We are home....

We've been home actually, it just still hurts too much to sit at computer for very long. That's what happens I guess when you push out a small toddler.

Ramsie is wonderful, so sweet and mellow, just like Rylee was until she started talking. I am hoping Ramsie will stay that way and be the opposite of her big sis. She is giving me a hassle at feedings. I did cave the first night home and gave her a little bottle, because I felt so bad for her as she was wailing. I have held strong since then though even though Mr. H tried to get me to give her more bottles. She feeds great one time and then the next she takes a few swigs and starts wailing like I am starving her. It makes me feel bad, but I am not backing down, she will not starve to death. She will usually settle down and go to sleep and we try again the next time, so I figure she can't be that hungry or she would suck it up (literally) and eat.

I am thinking of combining the 2 girls blogs into one, I don't really need 3 blogs to post on, I know it's hard to keep up w/ my busy life, so if you only had to read 2 blogs it would make it easier.

Now about the other man in my life....

My little ROTC guy. He really seems excited about it and I am very happy and hope he sticks w/ it as long as he continues to enjoy it.

I am off to update the girls blogs now.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

38 weeks.......

and it feels like this baby is wanting to bust on out of me. :)

I have my bag mostly packed for the hospital and her bag is all packed. 3 outfits I packed for her. I'm a nut, but that's ok. I need a picture outfit and a going home outfit and I may not want them to be the same.

Grama is planning on driving out on the 9th. Hopefully baby girl no name will cooperate and not come any sooner so she can be here.

I have been through the whole 60,000 baby names book and we have a list, now we are going to take turns crossing out names and see what is left when we are done and go from there. May just take the top 5 names w/ us to hospital and see what we think when she is born.

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you a crappy cell phone pic taken just now....