Sunday, August 14, 2005

New RV

We picked it up Friday evening. Didn't get to do much cleaning that night as we don't have the right extension cord. The power only stayed for maybe 10 minutes and then kept popping the breaker.

We cleaned a little bit more, Saturday, then some friends came over and we were going to go a little north to the outlet malls. Ended up having to go to Chandler instead as friends were pet sitting and got an urgent call from the pet owners to go check on the pets. Since we were on that side of town we went on to IKEA to get some stuff. Got some sheets for the 2 beds, very neutral until I decide what colors and fabrics to do inside. So, we still got to drive it around, and hang w/ our friends. Good times!

So, after Ry went to bed last night, we started the generator up so we could vacuum and get the new sheets up and I could scrub the bathroom. Not even 2 minutes after we started it, the old bag next door was outside and we could hear her talking. It is not that loud and it was only 9:00. So we had it going for about 10 minutes, we were inside cleaning and our friend was outside smoking. He pops his head in and tells us that she is saying exhaust fumes from the generator are getting in her living room. Shut your fucking window. It is not like she doesn't live one house (our house) away from a major street in Phoenix. God, I just wish they'd move. She sucks.


Dakini said...


MOVIEMAN said...

That's good that you had a nice time. I am going to go sit in the old bags yard totally naked and eat oreos. When she finds me I'll tell her that the fumes of the world had poisoned my clothes and that her yard was the only safe haven. Then I'll shake my weiner at her and run away screaming, "Long live the confederacy!"

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

So I hear you and Jerry talked and worked things out. Are you gonna post about it? Hey me and my neighbor are taking our kids to the park at Thunderbird and the 101 about 10am Saturday if you want to go.

Mrs. H said...

Nope, nothing to blog about.

I am not feeling well, so probably not up to meeting tomorrow. Why do have the kids this weekend and next?

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok, well I hope you feel better. Give me a call. I did not have them last night, I will only have them today an tonight and they will go to Bill's tomorrow. Him and Jenn have had plans to go out of town this weekend. I will blog and update my dating stuff in a bit.