Monday, August 08, 2005

Our new RV

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Not the prettiest. Mr. H gets to paint the outside, I am sure there will be flames involved. The inside is in good condition for being about 30 years old. It's 70's ugly but still in good shape. Mr. H gets to redo the outside and I get the inside.

We'll pick it up Saturday and go camping as soon as he gets a weekend off, and we have both kids!

.......and Movieman is a loser!


MOVIEMAN said...

Fuck you and your ugly 70's crap. Good thing that I will be camping outside in a tent, away from the hideous monster.

Mrs. H said...

You're just jealous LOSER!

MOVIEMAN said...

You know me to well.


Suck it!

Dakini said...

Oh man just bought Matty's dream. Shit, he has been longing for one of these. Tell me more about it.

Mrs. H said...

We are picking it up Saturday. I'll take some pics. It sleeps 6, nice size bathroom, kitchen, dining area and a bar w/ color tv.