Thursday, April 20, 2006

Change of plans

So when we got back from seeing baby Jack, there was a message saying the ottoman was in and to call back for delivery. I called and told them I didn't want the ottoman delivered until the couch was in and did they know when that might be. She didn't but said she'd get the saleperson to check for me. She then came back and said oh the couch is in too. GREAT! Deliver it all on Monday then.

We then decided instead of a rush trip to Magic Mountain we really should just stay home and get the house ready and clean for our pretty new living room!

Called the wrecking crew and they had a change of plans too, and aren't going to Payson this weekend after all, so Diva and The Baron will come help w/ the garage. Hopefully, we will actually get it done this time. :)

Now instead of spending money on our Magic Mountain weekend, I can get my stuff at Ikea for the TV and something for all the DVD's. We are going tomorrow if you want to join us!


MOVIEMAN said...

Sounds nice. Keep rubbing it in why don't you.

"Is this really better than your tv?"


I love you.