Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drunken bowling part 2

Going bowling again tonight. Mr. H's friend from his old job is moving back to Idaho this weekend, so we are going bowling tonight. May not be as fun w/ just the 3 of us. Need to see if Rob wants to go still and we put a message into some friends in Prescott. I'll be drinking and bowling so I'll have fun anyway!

It's Taylors birthday weekend, his birthday is Tuesday, so he had a friend over last night and Mr. H is taking them to race go carts or something today. Still don't know what to get him, he doesn't need anything, and he can't even think of stuff he wants. We are still debating a cell phone. I only want to get him one because when school starts back up in the fall it is Jr. High/Middle School and it is further away across a major street. Still don't even know if he is bussing it to school or what. With a phone, he can call us or Grandma or his Mom if she is late. We still think he is too young for one though, so we are torn. It would just be a prepaid one anyway, nothing I would have to put out money every month for or anything.

Right now Mr. H is off to Home Depot to get some chlorine to clean this nasty pool. I will run to Costco when he gets back, for hopefully cheaper gas, some Dockers pants for his new job and some groceries. Then when I get back the boys can go play. Ry and I can have lunch and naps!

What a day!


Mrs Rheaume said...

Happy Birthday to Taylor. Have fun!!!

just read Movieman and your blogs.

I am tired now and heading to bed soon, but I want to wait for Rob to get up so that I can say good night to him.

Miss talking to u guys

MOVIEMAN said...

Sounds like fun. I'm undecided about the cell phone too. Not that my opinion matters. I give him 2 days, and then he loses it. :)

See you tomorrow.