Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good times, with good friends


So, Friday night, Mr. H and I went bowling w/ the newlyweds, Rob and Mei, and Movieman too. It was lots of fun. I drank quite a bit and still bowled well. Mostly! We all had a great time and I got a free pair of socks. Mr. H won every game of course. Diva and The Baron couldn't make it on such short notice, but there will be more drunken bowling in my future. I love it and we don't do it often enough.


Saturday night, everyone came over including Diva, The Baron and the boys. Movieman, unfortunately had to work. Mr. H grilled burgers and we played our cheap wal-mart tumbling blocks game, which will now be known as Ghetto Jenga. It was still fun. We need to do more game nights more often. I want to play Robs Truth or Dare jenga, it looks like fun.

Farewell to Mei - for now

Sunday night we went to Robs for kabobs and yummy chow mein. We hung out and ate good food. Mr. H had to leave early to get him and the kids to bed. I stayed to hang out for a bit and some friend of Robs came over and we all listened to Movieman and all his stories. I have heard all his stories so many times, over the years, but he still tells them so good and makes everyone laugh.


Dakini said...

coooooooooool :P He tells great stories doesn't he.

I love you and miss you, keep updating.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Wow an update AWESOME!!! lol hey we do not have the boys next Friday if you guys want to drunken bowl let me know!!!!

MOVIEMAN said...

It was fun. Thanks for the compliment. I will try to think of some stories that you don't know.