Monday, April 10, 2006


Mr. H may not even know yet, but he got a new way better job!!!!!!!

The guy called first thing this morning and left a message. I immediately called my honey and texted him the number, he hasn't called me back yet, so I don't know if he has talked to him yet. Talking to Diva though, this guy has already told The Baron that he is hiring both Rob and Mr. H. Rob already knows he has been hired, and apparently they will need to go in this afternoon to fill out paperwork!

This is going to be so awesome for our family! He'll be making almost 5 bucks more an hour, the health insurance is apparently awesome and super cheap. So I can stop paying about 150.00 a month for me and the kids at my work. We'll do our whole family it all on his for like 80.00 a month. Plus, Todd says the Lasik eye surgery is covered too, so I may not have to wait til next year for that. The best part is I can work less hours as soon as my work will let me!

I am going to go write up his 2 week notice so he can hand that in tomorrow!!


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I am so happy he got the job! that is wicked cool! See Todd has helped benefit all of us lol good catch this time huh? Oh well love ya, you need to post the kiss story on ryster's blog!

Mrs Rheaume said...

Yes - thanks Todd
He is our super hero...Now we are so happy...
Although Rob earns a little less for his new job, but the medical is cheap..For the long run, it is very good. I wish I can get the job soon when I get there. Right now I am trying to save up some money to get for our new car. Rob always wants to have a better car. So that we can travel..don't have to worry that the car will break down in the middle of the road..
I want to get a job in animal hospital or clinc or we can do our own trading business...anyway thanks guys

Dakini said...

Awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's the job?

MOVIEMAN said...

Like the Black Crow's said, "I'm jealous again"

I'm so happy for you guys.