Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's huge

Here is our new TV. It is wonderful. We love it. 56 inches of viewing pleasure. Now that I posted this, I am wondering why. Those of you here, have already seen it, the other one doesn't care about tv's. Oh well.

I want to go to IKEA now and get something like this to put it on.


Dakini said...


We were given a 32" t.v. for christmas from the nice people who helped do some of the work on the house when we moved here. It's in our bedroom covered with a patchwork quilt most of the time. We have no kind of cable access through it of course. We do use it at night on the weekends to watch dvd's.


It's bizarroo for us though, we're still not used to it.

Dakini said...

oh yeah----Where did u get it????

And of course that ROCKS for you guys! I'm happy for you because I know it makes you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Mrs. H said...

We got it at Costco - we do love it.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Well looks like we need to plan an Ikea trip soon! Todd and I need to go also, so let me know when you are game!